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Below you will find supplemental aides to help with your RGV Shotokan Club rank exams.  Download and print in order to prepare for upcoming rank exams. 

These materials will only provide a supplemental review of our curriculum.  They are not a substitute for regular training and a high caliber of instruction. 

These standards are derived from the curriculum of SKIF, Shotokan International Karatedo Federation, founded by Kanazawa Hirokazu.

Basics (Kihon)

Exams are based on three "K"s. Kihon refers to basic techniques performed to demonstrate proficiency for the exam level.

Forms (Kata)

Exams are based on the three "K"s. Kata refers to the compulsory patterns that must be completed during exams. Proficiency in stances, techniques, and focus must be demonstrated.

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