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Kihon Ippon Kumite- Purple, Purple/White, Brown

This kumite drill is required to earn the rank of go kyu, yon kyu & san kyu (purple, purple/white & LVL III brown belt) within our club. Karateka should be able to display: 1) Proficiency of maai (distancing). 2) Proper hip rotation. 3) Full preparation (wrapping) for blocking tecniques. 4) Higate with all blocks and punches. 5) Strong Kiai.

purple- 2 jodan, 2 chudan, 2 mae geri

purple/white- 2 jodan, 2 chudan, 2 mae geri, 1 yoko kekomi geri, 1 mawashi geri

LVL III brown- demonstrate both sides of all the above techniques

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