Whether you are learning a new skill or becoming proficient at an old one, proper technique is key to personal safety as well as growth.  Our instructors are constantly educating themselves to insure that safety takes priority through teaching proper form and technique in all aspects of karate training: stances & transitions, punching, kicking, throwing & even falling.  From basic karate principles that adhere to our body's physiology, to strength and endurance training, you can count on our instruction to help you improve the technical aspects of your martial arts training as well as overall physical fitness. 


RGV Shotokan is a recognized charter club under the SKIF founded by Kanazawa Hirokazu Kancho in 1978 with headquarters located in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan.  RGV Shotokan Charter Club No. 200-99 opened its doors in 2004.  Members of this karate dojo are registered with our national SKIF headquarters which allows them access to all affiliated dojos.  In order to maintain the high quality of karateka produced, SKIF dojos adhere to a curriculum set forth by headquarters when assessing rank promotions.  


Our instructors are registered with Shotokan Karatedo International Federation (SKIF) as well as hold state teaching certifications and/or careers in education and counseling backgrounds. All lead instructors are accredited from higher learning institutions and CPR and basic first-aid trained. Along with understanding the stages of student

development, we also boast a functional comprehension of anatomy & physiology as it applies to improving athletes.  


Vince Lombardi

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The Japanese term "Zanshin" refers to a tactical assessment of your current surroundings, opportunities, and an inventory of immediately available assets.  All this is done while maintaining a calm, yet responsive, mindset to address any situation from an objective viewpoint in order to obtain the best possible outcome.  Our dojo members will drill techniques that help them evaluate those surroundings and opportunities within various scenarios.  Members will also improve in physical strength, endurance & overall health increasing their available assets for any situation that may arise. 


Our club offers competitive opportunities in USA Karate and SKIF sanctioned events for students of all ages. These are limited to students with at least six months training to insure that competition will benefit the student's overall training experience. Competitors and family are made aware of rules and guidelines for competitive events. We arrive and compete as a team supporting individual competitors. Our director is a Lifetime Member of USA Karate, US Olympic Committee and a licensed judge & referee through USA Karate. 

1025 W Jackson St, Harlingen, TX 78550  E-mail:  Mobile: 956-793-2455 Work: 956-793-2455

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